A Note on the Text

This is the scanned text of the 1905 book DEIRDIRE AGUS LAOIDH CHLANN UISNE sgriobhta bho bheulachas ann am Barraidh agus eadar-theangaichte le ALASDAIR MACGILLEMHICHEIL (which translated is: "Deirdire and the Lay of the Children of Uisne, transcribed from oral tradition in Barra and translated by Alasdair Carmichael").

The spelling of the book does not adhere to modern Gaelic orthographic conventions (GOC) and I have made no attempt to make it so conform. Aside from the work involved in this, I believe the effort would be ultimately like an attempt to modernise the spelling of The Faerie Queene or a similar work; the Gaelic is closer to the Classical Gaelic of the Macmhuirich bardic tradition than it is to present-day Gaelic, and applying current spelling conventions to it would give a misleading surface gloss of modernity to what is an ancient tale.

That said, I have made an attempt to add accents to the text where necessary. I am aware that I have not accented every word that would normally require this, but hopefully reading is made easier by what I have managed to do. I've also sparingly (and inconsistantly) lenited some words (such as fhèin where the original gives fèin) to improve reading fluency for the modern eye.

The text is otherwise as it is given by Carmichael. Because of the error rate of scanning there are very likely misprints left in the work -- I've made an attempt to correct these, but some are bound to have slipped through. Please let me know if you spot any.

The 1905 book also contains an introduction by Carmichael, and a fragment of the (very fine) Laoidh Chlann Uisne itself (quoted several times in the prose story). These may be digitised when time allows.