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On these pages you will find a version of the famous story of Deirdìre (more often referred to in other tales as Deirdre) and the children of Uisne. It was recorded from oral tradition on the Isle of Barra at the end of the 19th century by Alasdair Carmichael, who provided the literal translation that accompanies it. See the note on the text for more information.

You can read a quick introduction (of sorts) to the text here if you want. (Note that this is entirely my work, and Carmichael -- or any other scholar -- cannot be held responsible for its content. Also note that you should read it after reading the tale, if you don't want any plot details divulged.)

The text of the story is divided into five chapters:

I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have any questions please check the FAQ before contacting me, in case they've been already answered. Otherwise, drop an email to

New: thanks to the effors of Niall Tracey, can offer the complete Gaelic story in plain text format (suitable for viewing on portable devices) -- [zipped archive, 20kb].